Sexual Health Week 22 – Breaking Barriers

Sexual Health Week 22 – Breaking Barriers

Everyone should be able to access sexual health and wellbeing services in ways that best suit them. The reality is that too many people face barriers when it comes to finding inclusive and support.

For Sexual Health Week 2022, we will showcase how our service is inclusive to all and how we adapt and develop our care plan based on each individual. Our clinics are a safe space, and we’ll showcase the work that Spectrum are doing to address health inequalities.

What are some of the common barriers people face?

  • Service access i.e. location, hours, confidentiality
  • Service entry i.e. waiting times, waiting environment, fear of being seen
  • Suffering from a disability that prevents a person from accessing our services
  • Race and religious barriers
  • Age related barriers that can arise from lack of knowledge or stigma of attending clinic
  • A feeling that the service is not inclusive to all and a person’s voice wouldn’t be heard
  • Fear of discrimination

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