Two nurse leaders become Queen's Nurses


Two of Spectrum’s senior nurse leaders have been awarded the Queen’s Nurse title – one of the most prestigious professional titles in nursing. The Queen’s Nurse title is given to candidates who can demonstrate an ongoing commitment to patient care and the development of nursing practice, with at least five years of experience in community nursing settings.

Emma Newlove, Clinical Manager of North Yorkshire Horizons, has worked in substance misuse nursing for 16 years and was given the title for her work improving care for vulnerable people in North Yorkshire.

Photo credit: Kate Stanworth, Queen’s Nurse Institute

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, Emma developed a remote and agile Alcohol Detox pathway to provide support for clients at a time when community detoxification was not available. This pathway allowed patients to detox safely at home whilst being monitored daily (via video consultation)
  • She has worked with NHS, hospice and primary care services to develop an ‘End of Life’ pathway for service users struggling with drugs and alcohol
  • Emma recently secured funding for her Multiple Disadvantage Outreach Model, which aims to support vulnerable people in community outreach locations

Also receiving a Queen’s Nurse title was Stella Hannaway MBE, Spectrum’s Head of Transformation in HMP Liverpool, who was recognised as the Nursing Times’ Nurse Leader of the Year in 2019 for her work improving quality standards and patient safety at the prison.

Stella has over 30 years of nursing experience both as a practitioner and a senior manager, and in 2021 she was awarded an MBE for services to prison healthcare. As a leader, she has championed safer custody initiatives in HMP Liverpool and the introduction of a ‘zero-suicide’ approach which has heavily reduced rates of self-inflicted deaths in custody. Stella is also a passionate ambassador for nurses and, with Emma, will now join the Queen’s Nurse network.

Dr Linda Harris MBE, Chief Executive adds, “We’re incredibly pleased that our nurse leaders Emma and Stella have been awarded the Queen’s Nurse title. Their innovative approach to nursing, adaptability and willingness to support change reflects Spectrum’s values and our commitment to tackling health inequality in our communities. We are sure that they will be valuable additions to the Queen’s Nurse network.”

Helen Richardson, Director of Nursing and Quality also commented, “It’s wonderful to see two Spectrum nurse leaders being recognised in this way. They should be very proud of the work they do day in and day out to support patients and the teams they work with.”

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