Our inclusive approach

At Spectrum, we believe that everyone should be treated fairly and equally. We value and embrace individual differences and experiences, as part of the rich diversity which strengthens our people, our company and our services.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is about ensuring fair treatment and opportunity for all, with the goal of eliminating prejudice and discrimination based on individual or group character traits. At Spectrum, we strongly believe that all our employees should be treated equally – regardless of individual differences.

We work together to support staff and raise awareness of the EDI agenda across the organisation. We aim to shape all our practices to ensure that Spectrum is an inclusive environment and is free from discrimination, harassment, and victimisation.  

We celebrate diversity by understanding differences. We have dedicated staff networks, including the Spectrum Race Equality Network (SREN) and Spectrum Lived Experience Network (SLEN), which represent the interests of staff to make sure no one is disadvantaged by policies or procedures.  

Our Gender Pay Gap Report assesses gender equality at Spectrum, our balance of male / female employees and how effectively talent is being maximised and rewarded.   

Lived experience

Lived experience is the experience of people for whom a social issue, or combination of issues, has had a direct impact.

We understand how people’s experiences enrich our organisation and shape our services. This includes our colleagues, our service users, our partners and our local communities.

Through the Spectrum Lived Experience Network (SLEN), we’re working to develop a more inclusive work culture – embracing the diverse nature of our people and welcoming staff with lived experience of a wide range of issues. This might include mental ill health, trauma, substance misuse, domestic abuse or experience of the Criminal Justice System.

We understand that by improving the experiences for some, we can improve experiences for all our staff and also for our service users. This approach supports our company values, our patient experience strategy, our people strategy and our ambitious business plan.

We are proud to part of the NHS Lived Experience Charter, which focuses on supporting employment opportunities for people with lived experience of the Criminal Justice System and care system.

2022/23 saw charter successes for our healthcare teams at HMP Lancaster Farms, HMPYOI Deerbolt and HMP Low Newton. We are now looking to develop our approach to lived experience across Spectrum even further.

Members of the Lived Experience Charter aspire to achieve these values:

1. We support the open and inclusive recruitment of people with lived experience within our organisation, by our partner organisations and within the community.

2. We raise awareness within our organisation of the benefits of employing people with lived experience, the barriers people often face and how to overcome these.

3. We provide people with lived experience the support they may need from the very start of their employment process, throughout their employment and into their next role and, should someone leave.

4. We strive to have clear progression pathways for people with lived experience, including accredited training from entry level through to leadership and we provide opportunities for personal and professional development.

5. We take responsibility to ensure a workplace environment and culture that is free from discriminatory practices, unconscious bias or prejudice.

6. We commit to sharing good practice and to ensure co-production of our services with people with lived experience.

At Spectrum, we welcome applications from people who identify as having lived experience. To find out about our current vacancies, please visit our recruitment website.