Our values

Our values were co-produced with our staff. They represent the founding principles of Spectrum and our work with people in vulnerable circumstances.

We believe these values support our culture – a culture where our staff strive for excellence and the best experience for our patients.

Working together

We work cooperatively to deliver the best for patients, staff and communities. We collaborate to improve outcomes.


We are open, honest and fair. We act with integrity and build trust. We like to stick to our word.

Respect & recognition

We show respect for our patients and colleagues. We recognise and value everyone’s contribution.


We show compassion and kindness in our interactions with patients and each other.


We are innovative and open to new ideas and ways of working to ensure we ‘get it right first time’.

Our behavioural framework

Our behavioural framework has also been co-produced with our staff. It is an important part of ensuring that the way we work together – our people, our patients, our partners and our processes – is consistent with our values.

The framework provides a helpful indication of the behaviours we value and encourage. It also includes examples of the standards we strive to achieve.

Living the values at Spectrum: what our staff say

“We focus to aspire to give families hope and aspirations that changes can be made and sustained. You always have hope for the most chaotic patients who are difficult to reach and engage. If we don’t see hope, then who does?”

“Spectrum has that family feel. Everyone supports me from the exec and managers above me and I know the CEO. That whole line of support around me means I can do that to my job. It’s smaller, sleeker, friendly and supportive, it’s what is needed to keep that rolling.”

“With compassion and the right support, staff very much go the extra mile, which ultimately has a positive impact on patient care.”