Special Allocation Schemes

Special allocation schemes ensure that patients who have been removed from a GP Practice can still access high quality primary care services in a safe way.

County Durham’s special allocation scheme is called Ouseburn Practice. It is a virtual primary care service for individuals across County Durham who have been excluded from mainstream care and placed on a special allocation scheme.

The practice caters for a wide range of patients including individuals who suffer from conditions such as mental health issues, learning disabilities or drug / alcohol dependence.

All patients receive care in a way which is most appropriate to themselves, and the people around them. Ouseburn Practice is predominantly a virtual practice, however some patients will receive secure face to face appointments if required.

All the doctors at the practice are qualified general practitioners. Many have extended roles and special interests in areas such as mental health and general wellbeing.

Spectrum also employs pharmacists, advanced nurse practitioners and nurse practitioners as part of the virtual practice team.

What is a Special Allocation Scheme?

Special Allocation Schemes were created to ensure that patients who have been removed from a practice patient list can continue to access healthcare services at an alternative, specific GP Practice.

It is important that we maintain a safe environment for patients and healthcare professionals. NHS regulations allow GP Practices to immediately remove patients from their registers following any incidence where a GP or member of practice staff has feared for their safety or wellbeing, resulting in the incident being reported to the police.

Patients can be registered on the scheme after the practice has submitted a violence reporting form to NHS England or a CCG with Delegated Authority. Patients are sent a letter informing them that they have been registered on the scheme.

Find out more about Special Allocation Schemes on the NHS England website.