Our community sexual health clinics

At each of our clinics, we operate an integrated approach to providing sexual health advice, treatment and support. This means we are able to provide better support for local people, with faster, easier access to the right services all within one location, and a central point of contact for any follow up appointments, questions or concerns.

Our services are open access, which means people can contact us without visiting a GP first. To book an appointment, simply visit or call one of our clinics in Barnsley, Wakefield, Wigan & Leigh. Appointments can also be booked online, once someone has registered with us.

At our clinics, patients can access:

  • Sexual health advice
  • Advice, treatment and testing for STIs
  • Contraception advice and support
  • Confidential advice relating to sexual abuse, coercion and exploitation
  • Pregnancy advice and referral to the right services
  • HIV support, advice and prevention
  • Signposting and referrals to other appropriate services

Our sexual health teams

Our sexual health teams include clinical staff, reception and support staff and specialist outreach workers. All our highly skilled clinical staff are dual trained to provide support for both contraception and STIs.

Our outreach workers support and engage with key service user groups, for example young people. This includes staff with expertise on specialist areas, such as alcohol awareness and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), working with children who are displaying vulnerable behaviours and may be at risk.

We also provide specialist support to people who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances.